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Edith will meet with you to discuss your event goals and prepare a costume presentation to meet the needs of your audience. She has presented workshops on a variety of topics the most commonly requested are:

  • The Balancing Act: Exploring ways to live a balanced life; professionally and personally. 

  • 5 A’s of Personal Branding: Learn about the five parts to developing your personal brand. 

  • Are you going to fight, ignore each other or find a solution? Exploring ways to resolve conflict.

  • I know you can speak but can you communicate effectively? Exploring communication styles in relation to successful relationships.

  • Show me your mind, I’ll show you the Money: Exploring how you feel about money will make a big difference in how you spend and make money.

  • Get it, Got it, Keep it: Goal Setting and Adapting to Change


Edith is available to present one of her two Keynote messages “Me Now!” or “Who needs superman when I’v got a hero within” The messages are 45 minutes plus questions and answers. These keynotes are customizable and can be used for Women’s History Month, Leadership Trainings, Orientations, In-Services, Classroom Workshops and Retreats. The presentations are suitable for audiences of all sizes.


Me Now!” is a keynote address, that focuses on providing insight on six life lessons learned during a life altering battle with cancer. During this presentation the audience will be asked to explore their current behaviors and thought processes that may impede their ability to achieve the level of success they always dreamed of. This presentation will help attendees learn how to enjoy life NOW!

"Who needs Superman when theres a hero inside of you" can be presented as a keynote address or a workshop. The presentation explores gender roles, while challenging participants to explore their own biases and insecurities. This presentation will challenge the audience to take grater control of their destiny.

Success Coaching

Through Success Coaching Edith has been able build powerful relationships with her clients to clarify their lives purpose and develop goals to help them work towards reaching their full potential. Edith’s coaching services are done through one on one interactions; face to face, phone, and video conferencing.

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